sunshine in the rain

 photo _MG_8031.jpg

 photo _MG_8043.jpg

 photo _MG_8037.jpg
 photo _MG_8050.jpg
 photo _MG_8041.jpg
 photo _MG_8047.jpg
 photo _MG_8033.jpg
photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Bimba y Lola scarf, Uniqlo shirt, Mango blazer, vela print skirt c/o Aere x dUCk, Zalora heels, Rebecca Minkoff crossbody c/o REVOLVE)

I don’t recall wearing any yellow prior to this outfit but I’m thinking I can work it pretty well! (yes, I’m complimenting myself, get over it) (& yes, I just watched a sitcom that involved a gay Diva so I might have some attitude in me at the moment)

Hey guys, I know it’s been awhile but it’s the festive season, and working in an e-commerce industry means personal time is halved. Been going home late mostly every day now and the only thing I wanna do when I’m home is to lay down on my couch and watch the telly. Yeah, I’m old and boring, but I love it. It’s also because my house in JB got broken into last Friday night, which explains why this post got delayed two days. There wasn’t much that was stolen, but everything’s all good now, I hope.

Anyway, speaking of the festive season earlier on, who else has the urge to shop like you deserve that gorgeous pair of heels? Me! Unfortunately though, there’s so many events in December I gotta prioritise, so here’s sharing my lust list instead. Been really into working out but HATE eating healthy because honestly, I can’t understand them greens. If anyone can suggest where I can get active gear that’s appropriate for Muslimahs, please share!


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