stripe up your life

 photo _MG_7798.jpg

 photo _MG_7801.jpg

 photo _MG_7806.jpg
 photo _MG_7808.jpg
 photo _MG_7811.jpg
 photo _MG_7802.jpg
photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Sahara Shawl snood, Yacht 21 striped shirt dress, bYSI tank, pants from Rockstar, Bimba y Lola booties)

Taken a month ago when I first noticed how big I looked in comparison to before. After the post below, I thought of giving these a chance to go public. Nobody’s perfect right? It’s what junking whilst sitting down at your desk for hours at end, 5 days a week, will do to your body. Not that anal to go on a dieting mode just yet, but I’ve started going for workout sessions with FAME.SG so at least
I’m getting an hour’s worth of intense training a week, which counts, yes? The aching lasts for 4 days, so I’m positive I’m leading a balanced lifestyle. (Don’t you dare give me an eye roll!)

Anyhow, check out the style edit below for a steal of the look above.

(Gretta Layered Top from Bardot, Amber Wide Leg Pant from De Lacy, Le Shirt Tie Dress from FRAME, Foxxi Bootie from Steven, The Time Teller from Nixon)



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