navy gonna get it

 photo IMG_0014.jpg
 photo IMG_0035_1.jpg
 photo Untitled-1_3.jpg
 photo IMG_0029_1.jpg
 photo IMG_0042.jpg
photos by Muhammad Khidhir
(H&M scarf, Zara blazer, Uniqlo tee, pants c/o Young Hungry Free)

Despite the change a few months back, modest wear still feels new to me, what with adapting to looser fittings and sizing up my clothes. It feels good, liberating to say the least, to not care if my tummy or “assets” will show i.e. I can eat however much I want to and forgo sucking my belly in because hey, nobody can see anything now. A shapeless silhouette is all you’re gonna get (in syaa Allah). Having said all that, I hate how I look bigger because of it, as thought I’m drowning in them. That, or I’m doing this whole dressing up thing wrong.

Whatever it is, 1) I still love my blazer to death and 2) I genuinely love the pants. Maybe pairing them up was a bad move, I don’t know, but that just means I get to repeat wearing these wide-legged trousers again. Yaasss!

P/s: Anyone caught the pun in the title?



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