mustard & chilli [sponsored]

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photos by Muhammad Khidhir
(batik snoodie c/o Harmoni, Hana Tajima x Uniqlo tunic and pants c/o Uniqlo, River Island crossbody bag, Zalora heels)

The best has yet to come. This batik snoodie, an upcoming new hijab from Harmoni, has got to be the  most efficient one yet. Sure, snoods in general are a breeze and takes only a minute to put on and style, but to iron them takes an additional minute, or two (or possibly even five in my case cause my iron takes forever to heat up) and therefore eliminates the less in effortless. With a print like the batik, creases are impossible to spot so it honestly saved me a whole lot of time! I was still very much late for work though, so excuse my lack of makeup.

Granted, the batik print can make coordination tough, but thank goodness the Hana Tajima x Uniqlo apparels that were sent my way (albeit months ago) work so well together, it was as if I purposely planned it out (I promise you I didn’t!). Wore them out so many times but never got a chance to photograph. So guilty of being a serial outfit repeater, but who isn’t? (Unless you’re AdR, or just extremely wealthy).

In any case, don’t miss out on Harmoni’s new collection that’s launching very soon. Follow them on IG @byharmoni_official for the latest news, and check out what else they have to offer over at their site here.

Have a great Sunday ahead!



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