taula jewellery [sponsored]

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photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Bimba y Lola scarf, Uniqlo shirt, Zara outerwear, Viola faux leather skirt c/o Aere, clutch from Bangkok, Michael Kors watch, Grand Geode Vermeil Pendant c/o Taula)

Taula is a luxury jewellery e-commerce that specialises in gold, diamond and precious stone accessories. The name ‘Taula’ is derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Tola’, a Vedic measure that refers to 10 grams of pure gold. On the Spanish island of Menorca, the Taula stone megaliths represent what’s believed to be an ancient temple of healing and a place for divine worship. This name reflects purity, empowerment and timelessness, characteristics the brand look to install in every one of their pieces. 
The lovely designer behind Taula sent me this gorgeous pendant in pink to complete my Pink Paradise wardrobe essentials. The Geode, originating from Greek for ‘earth-like’, is a type of rock filled with minerals and what’s great about it is that every pendant made from this is unique and one-of-a-kind. Set in 18K yellow gold vermeil, the pendant complements well with my mum’s yellow gold chain necklace and bracelet, a perfect example of what Taula is all about, a balance between mixing affordable pieces and luxurious goods together.
Shopping via the e-commerce site is also pretty straightforward and fuss-free. What entices me for any e-commerce site is free shipping, and Taula provides complimentary shipping worldwide, and a guaranteed 7-day return policy for any exchanges or full refund. With an uncompromised quality assurance for all jewellery, you can rest easy in knowing that any items purchased will be worth every cent.
To view Taula’s jewellery collection, visit the store here.
Assembling an outfit with Taula’s Grand Geode Vermeil Pendant as the main centrepiece, Aere’s Viola faux leather skirt (from their second collection) came to mind. In the sweetest shade of blush, the skirt needs no sprucing up, and works wonders in exuding instant elegance. It comes with an inner lining, so your legs won’t feel warm or sticky under all that heavy faux leather, a detail I felt was really well thought of (this comes from owning a few faux leather apparels with no inner lining that just clings to your skin, not attractive in this humid weather of ours). Kudos to Aere for that!
Aere is available on Fashion Valet. Visit their listing page here
Catch you guys next weekend, and hope you have a lovely week ahead!

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