blinged in pink [sponsored]

 photo _MG_5177.jpg
 photo _MG_5195.jpg
 photo collage 2.jpg
 photo _MG_5198.jpg
 photo _MG_5184.jpg
 photo collage 1.jpg
 photo _MG_5194.jpg
photos by Amalina Ahmad
(Zerene Sequinned Top/Jacket c/o Aere, dUCk Scarf in Oreo, high-waisted pants, Tory Burch clutch, Zara wedges)

As much as I love pink and sequins, I’ve made a grave mistake in wearing this out on a casual day, without having any fancy dinner dates or events at night whatever. Honestly, if I could get a dollar out of the number of stares I received just for blinding them out in this outfit, I would be hundreds of dollars richer (I nearly exaggerated by typing out a million, but I could be, if I counted the double and triple stares too).

The Zerene Sequinned Top/Jacket is fully lined, thus making it pretty comfortable and breathable to wear on its own, and that’s what I did. If you’re looking to purchase, I would highly suggest you do so. Not saying it just because I was sponsored, but it really is a piece that instantly gives grandeur and glamour, without having to fuss over anything.

To view Aere’s complete collection, do check out her page here.



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