spotted in black [sponsored]

 photo _MG_5138.jpg
 photo _MG_5148.jpg
 photo _MG_5140.jpg
 photo _MG_5153.jpg
photos by Muhammad Khidhir
(H&M scarf and trenchcoat, tube jumpsuit w/ wide leg c/o Dressabelle, Minkpink shades, Charles & Keith sandals, Avon Matte Wine lipstick)

It is perfect how the tube jumpsuit is wide-legged and makes transitioning pretty smooth and easy. Oh, and breezy too! I’m pretty surprised it wasn’t as hot/humid as I expected it to be. It was genuinely easy, except that I was majorly concerned if my scarf was covering my chest area well or not, for I took 5 mins to wrap it around my head. Yes, call me a noob people. I might have to go on YouTube and watch those “how to” videos and learn all those different styles. Right now though, I can only pray all those watchful eyes will go easy on me.

In other news, Dressabelle is part of Pay Day sale on Megafash and has a 35% discount code “DRESSABELLE35” that ends tonight. Still not too late you guys! Simply head on down to Megafash here and enjoy shopping away.



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