the trench-robe

 photo _MG_5058.jpg
 photo _MG_5048.jpg
 photo _MG_5055.jpg
photos by Muhammad Khidhir
(Stradivarius trench-robe, Milcah paperbag pants, The Goods Dept felt bucket hat, Pandora rings, Michael Kors watch, 3.1 Phillip Lim mini Pashli bag c/o Shopbop, Zara studded heels)

My no.1 go-to outerwear is a black trench-robe (designed like a trench but feels more like a robe, hence the new term) that I bought several years back and have worn it countless of times. Ever since that particular purchase, I’ve been on a lookout for something similar in different colors, and an even more lightweight material. Seeing that Singapore’s weather can be unbearable most of the time, the need to wear breathable fabric is of utmost importance to me. Too many times have I tried braving the heat in silly thick clothing (knits, leather jacket etc) and nearly melted in my own perspiration. No idea how others do it though, just hope they remember the importance of deodorant… Okay that’s beside the point.

When I passed by Stradivarius Jakarta, I almost squealed out of sheer happiness and double back into the store, tried it on and bought it within a heartbeat. Honestly, it took at most 10 minutes, from walking by, turning around, zooming in on the robe, running it, trying it on, calculating if the price is right (so right btw! It costs $79.90 here, when I only paid approx ~$53), and bam! to the cashier I go.

If you’re interested to get it too, the trench-robe also comes in navy. Saw it at Ion Orchard, don’t say I didn’t share!

Oh oh oh, before I go, do you think the trench-robe below is worth buying? You know how I loooooooove anything pink and this looks too good to pass.
 photo pink trench.jpg
Knot Sisters via Shopbop

Till next time!



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