sounds of sudio [sponsored]

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Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(The Scarletroom blazer, Soon Lee Gabby Cami, Forever 21 jeans, Charles & Keith wedges, Michael Kors watch, Klang – White c/o Sudio)

Have you ever wished you can block out those loud school kids laughing and screaming in the trains/buses? Or avoid accidentally eavesdropping on a couple’s kinky conversation (not 50 shades of Grey material)? How about those strangers talking in your ear when the trains are packed like sardines (and you can’t help but to smell their smelly breath while at it? If you’re like me and have been relying on crappy earpieces (I mean, the “free” ones apple reward you with are just … peanuts), and if you’ve been on a hunt for a quality earpiece, look no further.

Sudio, a Swedish brand designed with both quality and aesthetic in mind, is perfect for your everyday tuning. Not only does it offer surround sound, but it’s gorgeously packaged to match your fashionable ensemble. The earpiece that I picked out, Klang, comes with a remote that not only adjusts your volume, the middle button also allows you to play, pause, stop, rewind and forward your music. The remote also acts a mic. Perfect (or not) for when someone calls you up in the middle of that award-winning song.

Apart from the earpiece itself, the set comes with a clip (similar to that of a tie clip) that can hold down the earpiece to your clothing, just like what I’ve done. Last but not least, it comes with a pretty leather pouch to store your earpiece for a longer shelf life, especially handy for those who keep losing their earpieces by misplacing them or getting it spoiled from tangling. Honestly, with all these well-thoughtout factors, how can you not consider swapping out your mediocre ones for these?!

I am personally persuading my friends/siblings to buy one themselves because it’s that good. Even without any music on, the earpiece acts as ear plugs. How. A. Ma. Zing, c’mon!

The Klang comes in 4 different colors, priced at only USD$67++, and the best part is, you are entitled to a 15% discount when you quote “Fatiha15” during checkout (expires 2 weeks from today). That’s it, you’re done! If you’re still considering, how about I tell you that the site offers free shipping worldwide too… I know right, just go get it already!!!

Head on down to Sudio’s website here for more details. Happy shopping!



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