flower crown [giveaway included]

 photo 20252594-d695-49be-b447-53cbbbfce900.jpg
 photo 93f74a4e-44ac-401e-9113-0b5a4889455e.jpg
 photo f41f9363-4f42-4618-8e02-4d426c8bcf98.jpg
 photo 2ac52ba3-b285-4fbb-8e79-0359ddbe5419.jpg
 photo ed833ba5-cc9e-41d0-98d5-bc4220d0b904.jpg
 photo 9f0bf672-9b7a-46b3-b90a-4de922c0e10e.jpg
 photo a8be352d-9dc9-4063-9695-40f94d3d03fb.jpg
 photo c3fde1e7-1f47-423c-8aa1-9c672e2da2b9.jpg
photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Enya maxi dress c/o VainGloriousYou and Lovisa flower crown)

Happy 2015!!!

Hello my dearest readers, hope you’ve been having a wonderful new year thus far. First and foremost, apologies for the non-existing round up of 2014. The only highlight worth mentioning was my shocking red hair and the crazy cropped hairdo that still makes me regret my long tresses. That, and there were too many #ootds on my Instagram compared to here. The process of emailing pics from my phone to laptop is too tedious for a person such as I, the couch potato of the century.

Secondly, as a fresh graduate and an unemployed being, I have way too much time on my hands and would love to update as much as possible, but my photographer friends are all living the adult life. In other words, anyone as free as I am to do photoshoots? I am somewhat skilled enough to take yours too, I promise.

Now, for the biggest giveaway on Heels & Wedges yet, let me introduce …
 photo _MG_3658.jpg
Michael Kors Jet Set Cross Body Bag

Last year, I was extremely blessed to be sponsored by Shopbop, my favourite online site since I first discovered it years ago. To be able to finally own a bag I’ve been lusting for over 2 years thanks to them (3.1 Phillip Lim), I thought it best I share the wealth of giving with who else, but one of you! In conjunction with my birthday month, one lucky reader will walk away with this bag.

To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is:
1. ‘Like’ Heels & Wedges Facebook page here
2. Recreate a style of mine from any of the photos uploaded on the album “Outfits” and add your own twist

3. Email your best photo to fatihafaulzi@heelsandwedges.com with your Name, Age & Caption
4. Entries will be uploaded to Heels & Wedges’ Facebook album titled “HWGiveaway”
5. Start sharing your photos
6. The most “liked” entry will walk away with the bag!

Contest is open to all (international readers included) and will end 31st January 2015. Can’t wait to receive your entries! Good luck!



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