we’ve graduated!

 photo _MG_3537.jpg
 photo _MG_3522.jpg
 photo _MG_3554.jpg
 photo _MG_3548.jpg
Photos by Muhammad Khidhir
(Schutz strappy heels via Shopbop)

The plan was to take photos with the Singapore Skyline as the backdrop, y’know, Marina Bay Sands or Barrage or Esplanade, but time was against us, and Nadilla had so many errands to run before leaving the country (for good), so we made do with the good ol’ HDB flats (specifically the block next to mine hahahaha). I mean, it is, in fact, very Singaporean… right? Pretty amateur-ish but what’s important is that we were in the shoot together, and we had our graduation gowns and caps on, and oh, our love. *cheesy grin*

Truth be told, I’ve written paragraphs after paragraphs narrating how & the 5Ws about Dilla and our friendship, but it sounds ridiculously sentimental and corny and cheesy and emotional and and and that is so unlike me, I had to delete it all. I’m known to be fierce, cool and sometimes very meh (say “meh” while shrugging your shoulders, and you’ll understand the expression perfectly), so I’ll stick to that. The point is, just scroll up, look at the photos, and that’s it. That’s it, what I wanted to say, all captured beautifully in those measly 4 photos I shared because the rest were either blurry/unfocused/or that I just look plain horrible, and I’m not about to publish ugly photos of me anytime soon. I just wanted to share this before the year comes to an end, because graduating with the girl who has stuck by me even when I took a break in between Diploma and Degree, is a big part of 2014.

The year might come to an end, but our friendship is interlocked forever.

EW. Sorry, I tried. Flowery sentences just don’t cut it. If you’re reading this mate, just so you know, I shopped at Editor’s yesterday, and I hope you’re bloody jealous. See you when I see you!


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