a little hello

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As graduation draws near, I am finally able to sneak in a photo or two. Trust me, it’s not just my blog that took a toll, updating IG has become a burden as well, because as of late I haven’t been motivated to dress up or put on any form of make up. Who knew the act of putting decent pairing of clothes could be a chore?

As I’ve mentioned earlier, school is coming to a close in about 1.5 weeks time, and I’m having mixed feelings about the transition period. Firstly, school has been nothing but a breeze. 4 hours a day for only 3 days, I bet every working adult would love to trade places with me. I get to wake up without an alarm almost every single day, laze a little longer before “officially” waking up, followed by more lepaking till it’s time to get ready for school. Second, my closest homie is from Jakarta, and this means that after school is over, I’ll never get to hang out with her anymore. The realest friend I’ve had by my side is leaving for good by the end of this year. That means I’m back to being a loner, and let’s face it, that sucks.

Get myself a job will solve the misery, or add to it, but I’ve sort of got it all sorted, and trust me, exciting stuff lies ahead, so… I should cheer up. Jakarta is close by, work will keep me busy, and everything will be alright at the end of the day, with God’s will.

Here marks the end of a good rambling, may you all have great days to come before the year ends. I’ll be back soon!


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