nelissa hilman [sponsored]

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The best surprises come in the form of footwear. As biased as my opinions may be, there’s no denying that this Nelissa Hilman pair of loafers are an instant attraction.

Originating from Malaysia, Nelissa Hilman is a designer footwear label made for the modern women who appreciates quality living. Designed to give maximum comfort and longevity, while at the same time promising quality and timelessness, each pair of Nelissa Hilman shoes are a piece of personal statement of style that are bound to give inspirations.

My choice of footwear is the Duma, a pair of loafers that resonates with my everyday style. A lover of animal print, the leopard was an ultimate win in my book. So many ways of styling this pair, from dressing it up or down, that I can’t wait to show you my first ensemble featuring this gorgeous pair. While waiting for my next post, head on down to their website (here) and view the wide range of footwear available. You’ll be spoilt for choices, trust me. Till then!


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