sequin story

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 photo IMG_9887.jpg
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 photo IMG_9888.jpg
 photo IMG_9895.jpg
Photos by Khidhir Faulzi
(Top from Bugis, Arcade skirt, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Tiffany & Co. bracelet, Forever New heels)

Looking glamorous does not equate to spending tons of money, and Bugis Street is the answer to how. Kept repeating myself now but for god’s sake, please visit that place as soon as you can! This sequin cropped top costed me only $15, (the skirt in my previous post $25), although the trick is to shop when they’re about to close, so you can bargain to your benefit. Seeing that I’m always in need of new clothes and flea-ing old ones, I figured quality isn’t really what I’m after, but quantity. I couldn’t really care less as long as my goodies can make me feel real good. Confidence is key. If you’re like me, keep a lookout for my next upcoming post as I share with you my favourite shops there. Can’t wait!


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