photo IMG_8716.jpg
 photo IMG_8760.jpg
 photo IMG_8757.jpg
 photo IMG_8839.jpg
 photo IMG_8856.jpg
 photo IMG_8858.jpg
(Dress from The Editor’s Market, necklace c/o Ho5hana, Cheap Monday sunnies, Jeffrey Campbell Soiree heels)

Nasrul is getting the hang of being in front of the camera, and it pleases me that he enjoys it. I’m thoroughly loving this #specialfeature series, mostly because I get to share with you the special people in my life. We’re still doing ‘themes’ and colour-coordinating our outfits, we don’t know how else to do it. Feels like the first few years all over again…

For this outfit, I’m wearing a dress inspired by Zara, but was labelled Zapa. Just had to share it with you. Hilarious knockoff names, but I didn’t recall seeing this is in the former, hence I got it anyway. Accessorised it with my new statement necklace c/o of Ho5hana & Co. Refer to my post right below for details to their flea happening tomorrow and Sunday. Hope your weekend ahead will be blessed!


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