rome photo diary

 photo IMG_7584.jpg
 photo IMG_7532.jpg
 photo IMG_7869.jpg
 photo IMG_7910.jpg
 photo IMG_7837.jpg
 photo SAM_7186.jpg
 photo IMG_7439.jpg
 photo IMG_7658.jpg
 photo IMG_7886.jpg
 photo IMG_7841.jpg
 photo IMG_7488.jpg
 photo IMG_7920.jpg
 photo IMG_7858.jpg
 photo IMG_7829.jpg
 photo thefallen.jpg
 photo IMG_7887.jpg
 photo IMG_7865.jpg
 photo IMG_7844.jpg
 photo SAM_7258.jpg
 photo IMG_7453.jpg
 photo IMG_7747.jpg
 photo IMG_7567.jpg
 photo IMG_7448.jpg
 photo IMG_7475.jpg
 photo IMG_7889.jpg
 photo IMG_7723.jpg
 photo IMG_7823.jpg
 photo IMG_7891.jpg
 photo IMG_7434.jpg
 photo SAM_6986.jpg
 photo IMG_7798.jpg
 photo IMG_7836.jpg
 photo IMG_7792.jpg

Christmas in Rome. Never in my wildest dreams have I pictured myself in Italy, but there I was, almost a month ago, revelling in its beauty every second I was there. What makes Rome incredibly alluring is how modern day buildings are casually erected right next to ancient structures, yet blending in so well I couldn’t tell them apart. It helps having a tour guide showing us around though, pouring all sorts of history as we moved from one attraction to another. London and Paris was way colder, so when in Rome, we were able to walk around more comfortably. Huddling against the cold wind isn’t my kind of fun. Still, if you’re planning on heading to Europe, avoid the Christmas period. Shops were all closed. Since we only had two days to explore anyway, all’s good. Could only wish it was longer… Maybe next time.

That marks the end of my Europe photo diary. Hope you enjoyed the visuals! XX


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