paris photo diary

 photo IMG_7145.jpg
 photo IMG_7081.jpg
 photo IMG_7277.jpg
 photo IMG_6904.jpg
 photo IMG_7274.jpg
 photo IMG_7064.jpg
 photo IMG_7401.jpg
 photo IMG_6913.jpg
 photo IMG_7086.jpg
 photo IMG_7382.jpg
 photo SAM_6718.jpg
 photo IMG_7305.jpg
 photo IMG_7152.jpg
 photo IMG_7165.jpg
 photo IMG_7387.jpg
 photo IMG_7290.jpg
 photo carouseleiffel.jpg
 photo IMG_7080.jpg
 photo IMG_6976.jpg
 photo IMG_7092.jpg
 photo IMG_7220.jpg
 photo IMG_7399.jpg
 photo IMG_7379.jpg
 photo IMG_7028.jpg

The City of Lights or City of Love was as magical as I dreamt it to be. Gorgeous architectures with sculptures as part of the building design, the whole city sharing a uniform shade of colour scheme,  artwork displays at every other corner that made me wish I have all the time in the world to stop and snap, and of course, not forgetting the magnificent Eiffel Tower that stood proud and tall for all to see.

If not for the short days when the sun sets slightly after 4pm, cold weather and rain, I would’ve loved to share every bit of Paris with you, just so you can experience the city with me. There were so many places we missed due to the very reasons stated above, not to mention staying for only 3 days, but this only means that a second visit is a definite in the future.

Ciao Paris, until I see you again.


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