london photo diary

The end of 2013 and the beginning of 2014 wheezed by way too fast, but before I go on, happy new year to you, my dear readers! Here’s hoping I’ll be more inspired than I was years before, although even saying that sounds unconvincing… but I’ll try. In return, thank you for still being here and supporting Heels & Wedges!

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Mid December last year was spent in three various cities: London, Paris and Rome. A luxury in itself, this trip was the trip of a lifetime, being in the company of my whole family. Weeks have past since, laziness kicked in, but it’s finally time to share the excitement with you.

The holiday started off with a trip to my dad’s favourite football club, Emirates Stadium, home to the Arsenal team. It was inevitably a dream come true for the old man, having supported Arsenal for many years. Grinning from ear to ear throughout the entire stadium tour, he wouldn’t stop posing at every corner to freeze that glorious moment. A big, fat check off his bucket list, no doubt.

Next stop was to the Warner Brothers’ Studio, to witness the making of Harry Potter. Not exactly Potterheads, but my siblings and I are fans nonetheless, and it felt incredible seeing every single costume and props used in the film, more surreal when we all watched Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows parts 1 & 2 in our flight back home.

The following days saw us playing typical tourists. Because we only had 2 more days left in the city, the Hop On, Hop Off bus was our mode of transportation, giving the Trafalgar Square a miss, stopping only at the Buckingham Palace & Westminster to have our photos taken with the famous clock tower, Big Ben and the London Eye. We then took a river cruise where we were greeted with tons of different bridges, but by then I was too cold and exhausted to snap photos, except for the Tower Bridge, the last tourist attraction of the day.

Since Winter has shorter days, night fall sneaked around half past four, so that night was dedicated to Oxford street. Shopping certainly wasn’t easy when each of us wanted to go to different stores, but we all managed to have a great time in Primark, going crazy seeing how affordable everything was.

On our last day, we visited the Queen’s getaway home, Windsor Castle and Windsor Royal Shopping street. Unfortunately, photo-taking is strictly prohibited inside the castle, but boy it sure looks every bit as grand a castle should be.

Sadly, three days in London was all we had, and although there were so many more places I’d love to see and visit, our time had come to an end. Hoping for a next time in the future, but next stop, PARIS!


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