Little Pink Dress

 photo IMG_5675.jpg
 photo IMG_5682.jpg
 photo IMG_5673.jpg
 photo IMG_5686.jpg
 photo IMG_5678.jpg
 photo IMG_5693.jpg
 photo IMG_5688.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Momoteapots dress, Asos earring, Steve Madden heels)

For someone who prefers tough, masculine pieces that exudes confidence and a tiny ooze of sexiness, this piece is a sweet surprise. If not for a girlfriend who pointed it out on the window display, I would’ve walked past it without so much as a glance. This fuchsia number just sat pretty on the mannequin, but somehow subtly calling me to give it a try. I’ve never been so drawn to a dress this … pink. Couldn’t be helped that the embroidery is stunning, and the workmanship is rather impeccable too. Despite on a survival mode of saving for an upcoming trip, this Momoteapots dress is too hard to resist letting go, and so it became my favourite purchase of the month. This comes in off-white as well, which made it all the more a must-have for my said girlfriend. Not quite sure why every time I wear anything white, I’d just feel… stumpy. I should try giving it a go one fine day, and perhaps you can be the judge of me then. 


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