china blue

 photo IMG_4151.jpg
 photo IMG_4156.jpg
 photo chinablue.jpg
 photo IMG_4157.jpg
Photos by Masturah K.
(Zara shirt, Asos peplum skirt, Asos pointed pumps)

The lack of posts must be disappointing, and I truly wish there’s something I can do about it, but unfortunately the lack of available photographers around is not something I can easily control. Nasrul is beyond reach now, and will be for some time, so I seek your understanding, again, to please bear with my once-in-a-blue-moon updates.

I can, however, smell a glorious abundance of posts coming in the following month though. My trip to Krabi is in a week’s time, and I’ve already pestered my friends to step in, so hopefully October will be a better month for Heels & Wedges.

For those who stuck around, thank you so much.
An infinite XOXOs for you.
Till next time!


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