the double braid [sponsored]

 photo IMG_3529.jpg
 photo IMG_3512-1.jpg
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Photos by Amalina Ahmad
(Asos denim shirt, Dad’s denim jacket worn as a skirt, Accessorize necklace, Zara wedges)
Finally, my challenge with Toni & Guy | Hair Meet Wardrobe has come down to the last theme, the Creative. Looking back on previous looks, all 3 had a clear sense of direction which resulted in easy preparations and subsequently, smooth execution. Everything was neatly planned out and the vision I had in mind was almost similar to the outcome. However, when it came round to this week’s production, it gave me endless nights of research work, all thanks to a blurred image of a wild and crazy Punk dude with a mohawk that came from the first image result on Google.
Despite acknowledging how creative that would be, it wasn’t practical, nor is it doable for an amateur. Besides, all those nights spent sourcing for inspiration has made me realised that being creative can be in the simplest form of a spin off of a basic hairstyle, and that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I’ve settled for a double braid.

To complement my creative spin off of a plait, I did a double denim, double shirt ensemble. Not quite sure why I doubled everything, but I suppose it is only right that I end this challenge by showing you the quirky side of me.

 photo IMG_3500.jpg
 photo IMG_3459.jpg
 photo IMG_3460.jpg
 photo IMG_3468.jpg
 photo IMG_3475.jpg
 photo IMG_3479.jpg
 photo IMG_3489.jpg
The double braid is essentially a fusion of a 3-strand braid + a french braid. To get started, squeeze a little bit of Texturising Glue onto your palms and comb it through your hair to give it some tackiness, an ease of braiding without worrying about the loss of strands. Once that is done, take a bit of hair from the top of your head and start braiding approximately 3 times, or more, if your hair length is longer. Next, like a french braid, take the sides of your hair and combine it with the outside strands of the 3-strand braid, and continue the normal braiding, like the first step. The processes after are relatively repetitive, until you reach the bottom of your head, when there’s no more side hair to take, whereby you just braid to the ends of your hair and tying it with the remains.

To secure the whole look together, I used the Extreme Hold Hairspray from the Creative series. This product is more ideal for a mohawk, since its hold defies gravity. You can simply make do with the hairsprays from the earlier series, the Flexible Hold Hairspray from the Casual series, or the Medium Hold Hairspray from the Classic series.

What I love about the double braid is that even though it looks complicated, it is in fact pretty effortless, and I didn’t know why I haven’t already done so prior to this challenge. This is the beauty of the competition, letting me delve into an aspect of overall appearance that I once overlooked.

The journey with Toni & Guy | Hair Meet Wardrobe for the past month has been nothing but wonderful. Despite the constant worries about getting the right hairstyle with the right outfit, and then the post production of editing the photos and going live with the posts on a tight dateline, I can’t possibly thank the team enough for the opportunity this challenge has given me. Without it,  there’s no doubt that I’ll ever do hair tutorials, or any tutorials to begin with, and even though it was a stressful process, every single moment will be cherished. How else would I diversify my outfits without first varying my hairstyles accordingly?

To wrap it all up, it only feels right to end this 4-part series by thanking you readers, friends and family for the constant support of liking my photos on Facebook. Speaking of which, my third look is now up for voting, and as always, I really appreciate the time taken for you to ‘like’ them. Simply click here to do so, and again, pretty please, with cherry on top! Thank you in advance. Every single vote counts, and it really would be a dream come true if your likes can earn me an all-expense paid trip to London Fashion Week.

Stay fabulous, XOXO


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