behind the scenes: the croissant [sponsored]

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The third episode of my challenge with Toni & Guy | Hair Meet Wardrobe this week is all about glamour. Instead of shooting my tutorial in the comforts of my bedroom like the ones before, I decided to take it outdoors this time round, just to prove to you how easy and fuss-free The Croissant really is. Despite initially going bonkers finding a hairstyle that is doable, the end product felt like it was worth the headaches.

Although the result seemed glamorous, what went on behind the scenes was the complete opposite.  Just before we started shooting, my friend and I were caught in a slight downpour. In the middle of an abandoned railway track, if I might add. We persevered on, chasing against light that was fading way too quickly, and time that was passing way too fast. We thought our misfortunate ordeal was over, until I spotted a monkey climbing across the bridge. Imagine the sight of two girls squealing for their lives, running towards the other end of the track in arched heels and pebbled walkway, only to turn back to find that the monkey was totally uninterested in us. How incredibly anti-climatic was that!

Now that my not-so-adventurous story is out of the way, let’s get started with the overdue tutorial. All the hair products used to achieve The Croissant are from the Glamour range. photo products.jpg
helps prevent frizz and flyaways, and gives high shine with a gloss finish

concentrated hold and control that takes you from night to day

create loose curls and waves with light-reflective shine and polish from root to tip

weightless shine and polish for long lasting smoothness

 photo IMG_3280.jpg
 photo IMG_3286.jpg
 photo IMG_3306.jpg
The first step is to use the Spritz & Shine Liquid Mousse. Simply dispense a considerable amount on your palm and lather it all over the crown of your head. Make sure that the mousse is thoroughly spread. When it has partially harden, tease the top of your hair to create volume. For those with thin hair, I recommend using a comb for a more condensed and voluminous top. Since mine is thick, hand-combing is more than enough.

 photo vertical.jpg
After teasing, grab your hair into a ponytail and tie it low. Ensure that you don’t straighten out your hair while doing so.

 photo tut.jpg
Slightly loosen up your low ponytail and create a hole at the top of the tie that is big enough for you to insert your thumb and index finger. Flip your ponytail upwards and loop it into the hole you’ve just created. The next step is to add the Serum Drops to the the remaining hair and straighten it as you go along. The product helps lessen the amount of dull and frizz from your hair.

 photo IMG_3352.jpg
Following the previous steps, take your remaining hair, twist it and loop it into the same hole. However, instead of pushing the ends out, let it sit inside the bun you’ve just created. Add bobby pins to secure the last twisted loop. Because of the thickness of my hair, adding bobby pins alone did not hold the bun. This called for the Firm Hold Hairspray which aided the security of the bun and strengthen the hold as well.

 photo IMG_3380.jpg
Last but not least, I completed the look with the Moisturising Shine Spray all over my hair for a polished finish.

What do you guys think? It is so easy for you to recreate this hairstyle. On top of completing it under 10 minutes, I did this hair tutorial without looking at a mirror, believe it or not. Does that not make you want to have fabulous hair too?! Totally easy, breezy yet glamorous at the same time. Scroll down for the completed look!

If you ever recreate this Croissant, please take a photo and tag me on Instagram @fatihafaulzi. I would love to see your end product. Also, don’t forget to ‘Like’ my Classic look here to send me to London Fashion Week.

Till the next chapter,


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