behind the scenes: the loose waves [sponsored]

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For as long as I can remember, styling my hair has never been a priority, ever. My only routine is to find some hair serum to tame down the frizz, and out the door I go. Blow drying is not even part of that routine, as I find that doing so only worsens my already dry and damaged hair. This is how it went down until Toni & Guy | Hair Meet Wardrobe sent a bag of goodies to me, did I start paying more attention to my overall head to toe appearance. Realisation kicked in when I scoured the world wide web for hair inspirations that a person’s hair can either make or break a person’s outfit.

Having said that, for this week’s classic theme, I decided to be more adventurous by giving my hair some curls. A classic hairstyle to me is one that is timeless, that transcends time and trend, like a sleek ponytail or soft waves in your hair. Obviously I chose the latter as seen on my previous post, as I’ve always wanted to have an outfit shot with curls in my hair. A hairstyle common to most of you girls out there I believe, but not me (pretty evident if you’re an avid reader, I just don’t know how to vary my hairstyle!). Hence I deemed it as a challenge, and a check off my list of accomplishments.

Before we begin the hair tutorial, let me first introduce you to this week’s Classic range saviours.
 photo IMG_3254.jpg
controls frizz with lightweight shine and alignment

 photo IMG_3259.jpg
for control with natural movement, body and a touchable finish

 photo IMG_3113.jpg
helps protect against damage and breakage caused from heat styling and conditions hair for a softer, smoother finish

This is a godsend product that is self explanatory, one I missed showing in last week’s Casual theme hairstyle. An essential item you need before using any heating tools like blow dryer, hair straightener or curling iron. Perhaps the lack of this mist is the reason why my tresses expand wildly after blowdrying.

 photo IMG_3120.jpg
 photo IMG_3124.jpg
 photo IMG_3134.jpg
As mentioned in the description above, I used the Shine Gloss Serum to control the frizz that will be produced after curling my hair at high heat. The serum acts as a layer of protection, while at the same time giving my hair a healthy shine. Right after, my hair is combed for ease of sectioning.

 photo IMG_3139.jpg
 photo IMG_3153.jpg
 photo IMG_3161.jpg
Notice how insanely frizzy my hair gets after the whole process, despite already applying the hair serum? That goes to show how damaged my hair is. My procrastination to get a hair treatment done should come to an end. Or so I say… Fear not, just keep applying more serum!

 photo IMG_3163.jpg
 photo IMG_3165.jpg
 photo IMG_3176.jpg
Last but not least, finish off the whole process by applying the Medium Hold Hairspray all over the curls. The difference between the Flexible Hold Hairspray and this is that this hairspray has more rigidity in withstanding the shape for longer hours.

Below is the result of my whole look; The Loose Waves. I hope this tutorial is easy enough for you to follow, and if you do recreate it, please share with me. I would love to know how yours turn out!

 photo IMG_3200.jpg
Don’t forget to vote for my Casual Look here or check out Toni & Guy | Hair Meet Wardrobe here! Thanks in advance if you do, I really appreciate it. Till the next chapter everyone.



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