the loose waves [sponsored]

 photo IMG_3186copy.jpg
 photo IMG_3181.jpg
 photo IMG_3243.jpg
 photo IMG_3233.jpg
 photo IMG_3218.jpg
 photo IMG_3236.jpg
 photo IMG_3216.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(dress bought in Batam, Asos earrings, Prada clutch, Aldo pumps)

The second instalment for Toni & Guy | Hair Meet Wardrobe features a Classic look that is all about sophistication and elegance. A contrast from the first chapter, the Casual, where you see me donning comfort wear in the form of jersey and kitten heels, complete with a messy hair bun for that effortless sporty and adventurous feel. This time round, I opted for a bold midi dress that needs little accessorising, as I wanted it to be all about the hair. Since my natural tresses are somewhat straight, curling them is a differentiation that gives my hair more volume and texture.

Make up is as important as every other aspect of your outfit. Apart from the hair, I felt that the Classic look would be left hanging without the sultry eyes and saucy red lips that gives women the surge of confidence to make them feel empowered. I wore mine by Maybelline’s Color Sensational range in Red Porcelain. Tip: Add a little bit of gloss to the centre of your lips so that it doesn’t look flat.

Also, to complete the look, my whole ensemble is paired with classic black pumps that only feels right. You can’t go wrong with this number.

For you readers who wish to recreate this Classic look, here are a few options that you can work with. Most of the items selected are affordable, and the links are clickable. Feel free to shop away too!
 photo look1.jpg
1. Asos Priority Pointed High Heels, SGD $97.54 2. Michael Kors Bradshaw Watch, USD $250 3. Zara Dress with Shoulder Pads, SGD $79.90 4. The Quiet Riot Sacred Heirloom Necklace, SGD $38 5. Ray Ban Silver & Pink Aviator Sunglasses, SGD $281.77

 photo look2.jpg
1. Topshop Tile Cigarette Trousers, SGD $96 2. Topshop Nude Boyfriend Blazer, SGD $116 3. Nastygal Caterina Lace Bralet, SGD $22.83 4. Love Rocks Ear Cuff with Drops, SGD $32.51 5. Asos Hypnotise Heeled Sandals, SGD $97.54

A truckload of photos would be too much to handle, hence I’ve decided to break it down into two. Stick around to find out how I achieved the loose waves in my next post. It is a really simple hair tutorial that I think most of you girls have already mastered. Regardless, stay tuned!


Please help me vote for my Casual look that could potentially send me to London Fashion Week 2013 by clicking HERE. I have yet to travel to London, so please let my dream come true by voting. Would really appreciate it, and thanks in advance if you do!



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