the messy bun [sponsored]

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Everyone has their own style of doing a hair bun. There’s so many different versions, the most popular is the Hair Donut Bun, but today, I’ll show you how I did the messy bun, perfect for hot summer days, or for our poor Sunny Singapore, great for erratic hazy weather.


 photo IMG_2858-1.jpg
Introducing the Casual product range: 1) Flexible Hold Hairspray, 2) Forming Spray Gel and 3) Sea Salt Texturising Spray

 photo IMG_2869.jpg
After a refreshing cold shower, complete with shampoo and conditioner to my hair, I sprayed an abundant amount of the Sea Salt Texturising Spray while my hair is still wet.

 photo IMG_2882-1.jpg
The next step is to blow dry. I made sure not to overheat it, as my hair gets frizzy easily.

Tip: Blow dry your hair when it is semi dried, so that you will use less heat on your hair, hence less damaging.

 photo IMG_2884-1.jpg
Tilt your head down and bring all hair forward, capturing it into a high ponytail. Since it is a messy look, I forgo the usage of a comb or brush. Simply comb your hair with your hands!

 photo IMG_2888.jpg
Make sure your ponytail is secured tightly. Don’t worry about baby hair or loose strands though, it is supposed to be messy!

 photo IMG_2891.jpg
Take equal amount of hair, and split them into two, as shown above.

 photo IMG_2895.jpg
Slowly, cross your split ponytail in opposite directions, making sure that you wrap it tightly around your hairband.

 photo IMG_2896.jpg
Just keep twisting your hair all around until you get to the ends. If you have longer hair, it may take quite a while to twist it fully, but you’ll get a fuller voluminous bun (which can look more glamorous too!).

 photo IMG_2901-1.jpg
Be sure to secure the ends of your hair with plenty of bobby pins. Just spam if you have to, like me!

Tip: Make sure your bobby pins are about the same colour as your hair, else it will stick out like a sore thumb. I know Daiso stocks brown colored bobby pins, even light brown ones, great for you Blondes out there!

 photo IMG_2910.jpg
To strengten the bun, I sprayed sufficient Flexible Hold Hairspray all around it, just so that it will not be too flimsy or too perfect.

 photo IMG_2897.jpg
Lastly, just touching up my hair here and there, and then I’m off!


 photo IMG_2920.jpg
 photo IMG_2930-1.jpg
 photo IMG_2944-1.jpg
 photo IMG_2917.jpg
 photo IMG_2947-1.jpg
(Topshop jersey worn as dress, Zara heels, mesh cuffs, Hype Clothing bandana)

Shooting in unpredictable hazy conditions (it was PSI 300+ when these were taken!) can be harmful, so I tried to filter my air intake with a bandana from Hype Clothing. It might not help much, but I felt safer somehow, knowing I’m breathing through a cloth. Besides, the N95 mask was sold out when I tried to get my hands on some. At least this ‘mask’ of mine is way cooler, yes? For a casual look, I went for the sporty look that first sparked when Spencer of 4thandbleeker wore the famous Reebok for Celine jersey dress and simple black heels. This jersey of mine has been in the closet since.. the end of March! Only had the chance to bring it out now. Good thing too, before it becomes overrated. Also, does anyone else think that the haze makes for a very picturesque photo? Making me wish for a boat ride with my other half, encapsulated in a fog and be in trance of love… Dreamy.

Since the start of H&W back in 2010, the only changes I had to my hair was its colour, its length and that one period when I had bangs. Blame it on low self-esteem, as I’ve always felt that I needed my long hair to frame my face. My thick, untamed hair gets frizzy so easily as well, hence crushing every effort I had of doing something different to it, to the point that I feel rather hopeless. However, browsing through recent runway photos from the upcoming trends has inspired me to try something new. Honestly speaking, anything new. Having my hair done up in a messy bun is definitely the first step to a new change I’m embracing, and I undoubtedly have Toni & Guy Hair Meet Wardrobe to thank for. Being one of the leaders in hair care, I knew I can trust them to do wonders to my wild lion mane.

If you scroll back to the top, you’ll find that my caption reads Part 1. Therefore, do expect more hair tutorials in the near future, where I share with you more hairstyles for different occasions.

Lastly, what do you say to the haze if it comes back again?
 photo IMG_2951copy.jpg

Just kidding! Do take care my dear readers, stay safe and hydrated yeah. Let’s all pray the skies will clear soon. Don’t you all miss it? I know I do.


Photos by Nasrul Rohmat


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