domes day

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 photo IMG_2472.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(The Editor’s Market dress, Chanel ear studs, Steve Madden heels, Chloe bag)

It’s been a while. Crazy schedules had us apart but friends from overseas who came to visit last week got me reunited with my love again. Gardens by the bay was our first stop, a lovely treat to cool off from the scorching heat and a great place to get acquainted. We didn’t realize how tiring it was to walk around and snap photos every other minute. Nasrul was bummed I forgot to bring along my macro lens, but there’s always a next time. Thank god for an annual pass my dad got us when this place first opened. Speaking of which, I would like to take this opportunity to wish my dad a very happy father’s day! He has always been beyond supportive, and a huge part of this blog too. Love you to the moon and back, Papa!  


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