daddy’s ray of sunshine

 photo IMG_2271copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2297copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2288.jpg
 photo IMG_2273.jpg
 photo IMG_2289.jpg
Photos by Masturah K.
(pants, shirt and blazer by Zara, Aldo heels, Givenchy bag, Ray Ban aviator, YSL ring, Mango chain necklace)

My dad is the main man behind this outfit. The other day while we were out shopping at Zara, I was happily picking out clothes like a kid in a candy store. Before making my final decision, I asked my sister for her opinion, and my dad happened to be there. “I don’t think this shirt and pants is suitable for you. I think this (he went to pick the yellow pair out from the rack and gave it to me) is more you.” Same goes for the shirt. My initial choice was a buttoned up, but he told me a V-neck would be more versatile. I’ve always thought ‘I got it from my mama’, but it’s high time I give a little credit to my daddy too. Thanks for this ensemble Pop!Β 


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