sunflower innocence [sponsored]

 photo IMG_2149copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2146copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2160copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2161copy.jpg
 photo IMG_2187copy.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(romper c/o Panayo, Nike sneakers, Givenchy Antigona bag)

Nasrul was being sweet and bought me a sunflower to brighten up my day. Turns out it worked well with my outfit too, which is kindly sponsored by Panayo, an independent label designed and manufactured locally. I thought I had shied away from shorts but this romper is an exception. It’s simple and minimalistic, and that makes it such a gem because we all know how versatile pieces like these are. Furthermore, the flaps that hide away the basic feature of a typical romper makes for a perfect ‘mini dress’ that’s perfect for shorties like me. Expect an outfit repeat soon, because clearly I’m in love. Thanks Ryan and girlfriend for this! For more of Panayo, visit their Facebook here and website here


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