plaid surprise [sponsored]

 photo IMG_1633copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1643copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1632copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1628copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1649copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1656copy.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Chrislasam jacket c/o Asia Fashion Inc, Asos cropped top and shades, Forever 21 pants, Mosstories belt c/o Asia Fashion Inc, Zara wedges)

Slits on sleeves, 3/4 at that (plus points for me as I’ve a habit of pulling them up) , and asymmetrical mesh back extension is enough to catch my interest, but having a surprise pop of colorful plaid inner lining is like Kinder Surprise (which I love btw). Nasrul knows I’m crazy for outerwears and when he saw this piece, he patted my back for selecting this beauty, and I quote, “Wow, the plaid’s really nice! Why don’t they have it for Men?” *Inserts sad face* The jacket is another goodie from the people at Asia Fashion Inc. Chrislasam is a local designer that’s going on board AFI pretty soon, so naturally I’m stoked for the opportunity to include her in my sartorial wear.

I have never been a belt sort of person, but this Mosstories’ piece must clearly be something. Been wanting a statement belt for the longest time (thanks to Zara, of course) but never got around to buying one, because my family’s against it. “Too expensive laaaaa, you’ll never use it in a few months’ time,” which might have been true… However, thanks to the guys from AFI, I can finally check this off my lust list!

Thanks for pampering me with all them loots AFI! For more of Asian Fashion, check out Asia Fashion Inc here.  


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