sea salt red

 photo IMG_1228copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1250copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1237copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1243copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1231copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1251copy.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Zara trench and clutch, necklace by The Editor’s Market, Nike sneakers)

This trench coat has been with me for 4 years, and I’m still loving it. Somehow, it feels like a mini now, or maybe it’s because I got it from the Kids’ section back then. Wearing this takes me back to when I was in Sydney last year, chilling and having seafood at the Fish Market… oh how I missed it (both the  glorious food and Sydney of course). This time, I paired it with sneakers Nasrul got me at the outlet store of Nike. It comes in cobalt blue as well, which still tempts my mind. Feel free to check it out at Changi City Point. If you like, take a trip back to see the similarities here.


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