just spike it up

 photo IMG_0996copy.jpg
 photo IMG_0978copy.jpg
 photo IMG_0995copy.jpg
 photo IMG_0976copy.jpg
 photo IMG_1000copy.jpg
Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(River Island dress, Zara longline blazer, Spitfire shades, Pandora and Thomas Sabo bracelets, Jeffrey Campell Soiree heels)

I don’t usually give tips, but for those working adults who are unconsciously made to wear work-appropriate dresses (mine’s borrowed from my sister), here’s how you can transition your look from day-to-night. Simply invest in a good outerwear, anything edgier than your boring dress to “spike” things up, and voila! They’re great for super cold air-conditioned rooms too. Wearing a fancy pair of heels doesn’t hurt either. Or does it? Hmmm… well no pain, no gain. Hope this helps, have a great week ahead!


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