grin affair

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 photo IMG_0810copy.jpg
Photos by Nilam Asra & G.Khidhir
(Asos cropped turtleneck, Saveus pants, Zara coat and sandals, Miu Miu clutch)

My close friends wouldn’t deem me a foodie-kind-of-girl, but this cake in a jar had me smiling for the camera and even grinning upon a bite (just look at how I impatient I was to open it!). It was my first time trying a bottle and I sincerely wished for more, but the weighing scale has been scaring me lately that I dared not to satisfy my sheer greediness. What I love about this quaint little shop is how convenient it is to get there, for me at least. It is only a block away from my Grandma’s, so now there’s a good reason to go visiting hehe. Unfortunately my siblings and I were in a bit of a rush to catch a movie, so I couldn’t take more photos of the shop itself. Trust me, the ambience makes you want to stay there for hours. I thank my lucky new sandals my sister brought us there.  


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