of fluffy clouds

 photo IMG_0547copy_zps9cd10fba.jpg
 photo IMG_0567copy_zps347611ed.jpg
 photo IMG_0556copy_zpsa3264a7c.jpg
 photo IMG_0564copy_zpsd435fa26.jpg
Photos by Muhd Khidhir
(Asos t-shirt dress, Zara hat and socks, Accessorize necklace, Jeffrey Campbell Zomg sneakers)

The weather as of late has been pretty sucky, so it was a nice change when the sun merrily shone bright, accompanied by fluffy clouds. Only clouds like these make me swoon, yes, you heard me. Maybe rainbows too, but we don’t get that often. Or unicorns… So anyway, not one to miss out on a glorious good day like yesterday, I had to persuade my brother to go out with me, snap these under half and hour (so like me to dress in a completely opposite mood), and back home we went because it got too hot, and the humidity level was just insane. I guess you can’t have everything huh. 


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