the little white dress

Photos by Nasrul Rohmat
(Topshop dress, H&M leather jacket, Accessorize necklace, Zara bag)

Night photography isn’t exactly our thing, but the stark white dress against the natural black background seems befitting. The dress was an irresistible purchase I got off the sales racks, selling at a whooping $29 from the original $109. The possibilities of dressing it up or down are endless. Versatile pieces like these makes dressing a whole lot easier, especially when in a rush. If I’m not wrong, there are more in stock if you’re interested to get one for yourself.

 For its debut wear, I paired it with a leather jacket also bought at the most amazing deal you can ever get for genuine leather. Scored it after being on my wishlist for some time. Obviously I’m a happy goober right now. A wardrobe staple,  finally checked!
Note: Retailing at $50 from original selling price of $299, but only left with sizes 32 & 34. It runs slightly small, but then again, leather stretches over time, so it’s quite a worthy buy. 

This marks the end of my haul post. Do I seem random to you? I feel like it. Anyhow, it’s already midweek, so cheers to the upcoming weekend ahead. Much love!


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