fun in the sun

Photos by Nilam Asra
(Zara tank, hat & skirt from Sydney, Fit Flop sandals (don’t judge!))

Finally had some real good time in the sun while vacationing in Batam. Since it is only 30 mins from SG, the weather we experienced was exactly the same, a fair share of sunny and rainy. My siblings and I tried parasailing and kayaking which was a whole lot of fun, but tiring for the latter. Clearly my arms were not expecting any work. There wasn’t much sightseeing to do too, for our resort was situated  far from the town area. I did however, managed to dye my hair! Teehee. It is not very prominent but I like it anyhow.

IMG_0123_zpsf9b2bad0 1
That’s me! Being high up feels so good but it got a little boring halfway so I sang Fireworks and actually felt like a plastic bag LOL

I’m off to KL tomorrow and I think I might not be able to squeeze in another post before the year ends, so here’s wishing you a very happy new year my dear readers! Thanks for visiting, reading and making me want to continue blogging. You guys are the best! Cheers!!! XOXO


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