sponsored post: sunglasses, anyone?

Ho Ho Ho everyone! Christmas is just around the corner, but is anyone still having a hard time deciding on what to give your loved ones? Or maybe you just need an excuse to treat yourself to a brand new pair of sunglasses that has been spotted on the ‘IT’ girls on the blogosphere. Here are some of my personal picks from SmartBuyGlasses, your one stop shop to get authentic designer sunglasses at a discounted price. Simply click on the pictures and it’ll link you the to the website for full product details.
Miu Miu
As seen on Rumi Neely of Fashiontoast
I secretly wish to own them all, I mean, aren’t they just too gorge?! SBG not only stocks on designer sunglasses, but they also offer designer glasses. They also have Men, Women and Kids range, and offers free shipping. 
Another reason why you should shop from SBG is the fact that for every single purchase, SBG gives a pair of glasses for someone in need. Read more here. Now, doesn’t that make you feel like you did your part for charity? If you’ve been naughty all year round, now’s the time to be nice!
Hope this entry helps you narrow down your choices. Have a festive week ahead everyone, and be safe! Cheers!

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