makeup stash

My mum surprised my sisters and I with a travel beauty kit each from DFS, and the YSL instantly caught my eye due to its super gorge packaging + color palette that I usually go for.

Really pretty right!!!

However, the Chanel kit has a powder foundation and concealer that only matches my skin color, so I had no choice but to exchange it with my sister, who otherwise would not use the beauty kit at all. Thankfully, it comes with a mini mascara as well, so that’s a plus.


I’ve never shown you my makeup stash before, haven’t I? Please note that I am not an enthusiast, but I do love dolling myself up. It helps that I have a sister who’s a junkie, so I can always use hers. *two thumbs up*

Face products:
From left: Garnier tinted eye BB roll, Essence bronzer, Candy Doll mineral face powder, Garnier BB cream, Inglot blusher, Chanel Vitalumière liquid foundation, Givenchy powder highlighter, MAC concealer pot, NARS multiple 

Eye products:

From top left: Urban Decay colored palette, NARS duo eyeshadow palette in Brousse, MAC eyeshadow pots, Cyber Colours gel liner, NARS touch shadow pencil, NYX jumbo eye crayon, Chanel brown eyebrow pencil, $1 black eyebrow pencil, Shu Uemura eyelash curler, YSL mascara, Maybelline Falsies, Urban Decay eye primer and Naked palette, Maybelline and Dollywink eyeliners

My everyday makeup routine usually revolves around all of these, so it’s not a wonder that I take nearly an hour just to put on makeup. I also rotate my usage of the mascara and eyeliner, even eyeshadow colors, just to make sure I use them all. Unlike my sister, I am perfectly content with having only one foundation/bronzer etc. I can only disagree when it comes to lipsticks… 


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