ray ban giveaway


Hello November! My oh my, a week has passed us already, and I can’t believe I didn’t greet you all sooner. Forgive me, the weather is experiencing some kind of a mood, for lack of a better word, so I could not merrily go out and take outfit photos.

Enough introduction already. I’m sure this giveaway might excite some of you. SmartBuyGlasses, Singapore’s one stop online store for the biggest range of designer sunglasses, has generously offered 1 lucky reader a chance to win the Ray Ban Aviators that you see above (authenticity guaranteed). The Ray Ban that I’ve chosen features an all black lens + black frames, suitable for any gender, occasion, outfit, what have you.

To enter this giveaway, all you have to do is instagram a photo of yourself with a pair of shades (any kind/brand) and include:
1) #heelsandwedgesgiveaway
2) Tag me @fatihafaulzi
 3) Leave a comment with just your name (both real + instagram username) and email on this post

Your entries need not be a full on ootd shot, a simple camwhoring picture will suffice! 😉 This giveaway is open to local residents only and will end on 25th November, 1200hrs. Don’t forget to check out the lovely sponsor SmartBuyGlasses.

 Can’t wait to see all of your entries everyone. Till then, hope you’re having a great week thus far!

P/S: I can’t view entries on private accounts, so please do something about it if you want to join this giveaway!


20 thoughts on “ray ban giveaway

  1. Anonymous

    oh. seems like i cant see her entry cause her acc is private. but i guess i know why she won.. she's your good friend from sec school

  2. Fatiha Faulzi

    She's a good friend who participated fairly. I also know of long time readers who took part. Do you honestly think she won because of that? If you did, that's just because you're sore your photo paled in comparison.

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