digital fashion week singapore

Digital Fashion Week(DFW) is the world’s first live streaming only fashion week that aims to unify fashion and technology together. This means there’ll be no front row guests present at the fashion show. Presenting their collection at this year’s DFW are homegrown fashion designers, as well as an internationally renowned designer, Guo Pei.

The highlights of the event are having Super(androgynous)top model Andrej Pejic, who received recognition for walking the runway of Jean Paul Gaultier, and ANTM’s cycle 18 winner Sophie Sumner to walk for several shows throughout DFW.

As stated on the picture above, you can catch the fashion shows live on DFW’s YouTube, website, Google+ and iPhone app (it is preferable if you watch it via the website itself). The show is already streaming live now as I type this, so you can catch the backstage preps.

For this year’s DFW, I will be interviewing 4 of the designers/personalities, and I am terribly nervous yet excited for it. It doesn’t help that I’m sick right now (down with flu and fever) but I will try my best to look and sound normal. Please don’t make fun of me if you’re planning to watch the interviews okay!

Here’s a schedule of my interviews for DFW:
– 20th Oct, 7.30pm with Pauline Lim, designer of Pauline.Ning
– 21st Oct, 7.30pm with Eugene Lin & 10.45pm with Sophie Sumner
– 22nd Oct, 9pm with Andrej Pejic


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