bring out the big guns

(H&M coat and pants, Uniqlo turtleneck, Dr Martens boots, Miu Miu clutch)

Don’t I look like a little penguin out for its regular shopping trip? Except penguins don’t go shopping. *grins*

On another note, I would like to thank every one of you who came down to the flea to support my fellow fashion bloggers and I. The response was overwhelming, and I couldn’t be more happy to see my readers, and meeting new people. We are already planning for future fleas, one possibly at the year’s end. Keep your fingers crossed! Also, don’t forget to check out their blogs below:

Fashion On Your Feet
Instagram: @piajacqueline


8 thoughts on “bring out the big guns

  1. Fatiha Faulzi

    It isn't a set! They're two separate pieces, the coat is my mum's which is 2 sizes big, and the pants my own. They just happen to be houndstooth and from the same brand.

    Thanks for coming! 🙂

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