the risky dress

Credit: Nasrul Rohmat
(River Island dress, F21 socks, Givenchy sunnies, Dr Martens shoes)

This dress was such a gamble for me, but I’m so glad I took the risk of buying it anyway. You see, this is a RI Girls dress, one I got off the Sales section because it was too pretty and cheap not to buy. However, the largest size is 11-12yrs, and I wasn’t quite sure if I’m petite enough to fit it. Lucky for me, it did, and now I have more options to shop instead of my usual Zara or H&M Girls. In my defense, the Kids dept is way cheaper than Women’s so… please don’t judge.


16 thoughts on “the risky dress

  1. Love.Laugh.Life.Live

    Hye Fatiha, I smiled when I'm reading your comment to answer my very weird questions..hahahah..just a weird question to ask someone I didn't actually know. Anyway, thank you for the reply. I really love your blog, really.. Love that Doc Marts too! and of course, your hair is the best natural accessories you own~ Love!

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