blending in

Credit: Indah Nugrahanny
(The Scarletroom top, Zara floral jeans, gifted bag, borrowed ring, Steve Madden boots)

Abandoning this space was not my intention in the least, but it seems like I’ve just done that after disappearing for more than a week. My sincere apologies, dear readers. I was occupied with projects and exams the last couple of weeks and right after it ended, I took five days off and treated myself to a holiday with a friend back to her hometown, Jakarta. Will post more about that soon, but right now, take a look at my new boots my mum got me in Hong Kong. Such an attention-seeking piece, especially when I’m walking in a village with eyes following my every step. Thought I’ve gotten used to people staring at me but the villagers sure know how to make me feel out of place. Not that I mind though. I did take some pictures with them too, which you’ll probably see later this week. Stay tuned!


2 thoughts on “blending in

  1. XAЯA

    Everyone must tell you you dress so beautifully all the time, and I guess it must get old… but really, YOU DO DRESS SO BEAUTIFULLY. ❤ You shall now be my inspiration to dress better, instead of the usually shabby clothes i shuffle around in. Thank you for sharing! And you are beautiful, very.

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