like a boy

Credit: Nasrul Rohmat
(Topshop jacket and pants, Uniqlo top, H&M cap, Asos rings, Diva ‘Faith Drops’ necklace, random necklace and accessories, Zara backpack, Jeffrey Campbell Lita)

I’ve been eyeing the cap for quite some time simply because it combats bad hair day, which for me occurs every other day. Bummer huh. Wearing it somehow makes me feel slightly boyish, but I kinda like how it sorts of toughen up my image. Too bad it’s a man repeller piece, (insert Nasrul) else I’ll be rocking it everyday. 


7 thoughts on “like a boy

  1. Love.Laugh.Life.Live

    Hey Fatiha! Yup, you definitely should go there..better if you go there around this time. Sales up to 70%..worth every penny. The only thing is that, its quite far. Anyway, hope you enjoy yourself soon! Don't forget to blog about it and do some hauls perhaps. Love to read your blog. See you around~ Love!

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