iconic styles [advert]


Iconic Styles – Esprit’s Fall/Holiday 2011/12 campaign

Esprit welcomes the new season with a new look and charismatic face. With a new direction, the brand is now more product-driven, focusing on substance, variety and quality which forms the core of the campaign.

The Iconic Styles is interpreted by renowned stylist Camille Bidault-Waddington, who has top photographers and international fashion magazines valuing her coveted and inspiring styling. David Sims,  British fashion photographer, was responsible for shooting this campaign.

The Iconic Styles is categorized into 3 looks, mainly casual, business or glamourous. Whatever the occasion, one can simply pick out a jacket from the Woman Casual line, a camel coat from the Esprit Collection, or a leather jacket from the de.corp range.


A key element for a successful campaign is someone who is able to portray what Esprit is all about. Friendly and expressive – not a girl, but a self-confident and straightforward woman, who is well dressed 24/7. Iconic Styles would not be complete without the iconic Gisele Bundchen, Brazilian top model who embodies the Californian spirit of the Esprit brand perfectly.

So have you checked out the Iconic Styles by Esprit yet? Be sure to quote In Heels & Wedges – I love Esprit! when making your purchase to enjoy a 10% discount. Happy shopping!


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